Brian Setzer Orchestra
Belly Up Tavern, Solana Beach, CA
April 20, 1994

Source : unknown mics > Sony WM-D3 > Cassette Master (Maxell XL-II c100) (courtesy of Wes Meyette archive)

Transfer : Sony TC-WE 475 > Tascam DR-40 Linear PCM Recorder 16/44.1 kHz)

Editing : Soundforge (tracking) > Wave > TLH (SB's aligned) Flac level 8

Traders Den - March 7, 2019

Transferred and Tracked by kingrue upload 1842

Today we've got a brand new Brian Setzer master tape being digitized and flac'd for the first time.

Brian Setzer started his solo career in 1993. By early 1994 Brian had performed only a handful of shows with an Orchestra.

The use of an orchestra worked really well and offered a whole new way to listen to Setzer's Rockabilly and Swing.

Thanks to Wes for taping the show and allowing the recording to be shared here.

Check samples for quality.

Set list:
01 Lady Luck
02 Good Rockin' Daddy
03 Your True Love
04 A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square
05 Peter Gunn
06 Sitting On It All The Time
07 Stray Cat Strut
08 Straight Up
09 September Skies
10 Route 66
11 Ball & Chain
12 There's A Rainbow Round My Shoulder
-- tape flip --
13 Drink That Bottle Down
-- tape break --
14 Rock This Town (cuts in)
15 Instrumental

Total Time = 01:09:04

~~ ENJOY ~~



Whenever I have a new Setzer tape, I would always go to the Setzer Archive site (which was massive, with set lists and tickets and reviews, etc)

Sadly and to my dismay, I've discovered that the entire Setzer Archive site had gone dark and no longer available. (now defunt)

The amount of tour dates and setlist information and everything else hosted on that site was immense and now it's completely gone.

Had I known it was going to go dark, I would have taken screen captures of everything to save the information, I was kind of crushed about it.

Fortunately in my desperate search to find another fan/archive site, I did find another site that offered most of the same content,

but with noticeably less concert detail. but still very useful. so not all is lost.

I wanted to share this information with the community.



01 Lady Luck.flac:5383fa6c756f3a70df5dc8f8031517c0
02 Good Rockin' Daddy.flac:3112ab52fedaa0a6d9b0e2edc99a55b1
03 Your True Love.flac:a91a6dcd6439a838989719ca434a5cfc
04 A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square.flac:0650bed50b18f5866310038f0e24de71
05 Peter Gunn.flac:50eae7f71f752d99c9eb21fca70f05fd
06 Sitting On It All The Time.flac:a76a6eec93743f0549f984f9d9d9aed8
07 Stray Cat Strut.flac:6b2eeab1d6c568e132b48c5536fce10e
08 Straight Up.flac:c175f6024788f0548407531362a5d4f9
09 September Skies.flac:a6c0c6b237ff7bd2da4852bfa7c73e5c
10 Route 66.flac:e68be3a9daaa9d22b2ad7a6165d5ea8a
11 Ball & Chain.flac:8996fa1e3dcec50c9ccce629a89d4b8a
12 There's A Rainbow Round My Shoulder.flac:ba375fb66af3a5fa01cfecb788f891bd
13 Drink That Bottle Down.flac:8b12d2ecaae0d69a871ef1e6119005b3
14 Rock This Town.flac:37af2101fbdf8d37da9e6173f7c5d85f
15 Instrumental.flac:0f770c9e604124085b64dfb9fd1dc812

Checksum file saved to disk.

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