Recorded at the Roberts Orpheum Theater
St. Louis, MO
Wednesday August 24th, 2005

Recorded by Roy Martin using a set of Sound Professionals Premium Binaural microphones
plugged into a Sony MiniDisc recorder (either MZ-R30 or MZ-NF610).

July 2019: Playback of original MiniDiscs using a Sony MDS-JE610 (TOSlink optical
output) into Sound Blaster Z optical input, in real time, using Adobe Audition. Adobe
Audition used further for minor edits, fades. No filtering or equalization done, so
salt & pepper to taste. Large WAVs split using CD Wave Editor. Small WAVs rewritten
along proper sector boundries ('-fixed' removed from filenames) then encoded to FLAC
(Level 8) using Trader's Little Helper.

Disc 1 (1st Set): 58:16

01 Do It Again
02 Dance Dance Dance
03 Then I Kissed Her
04 In My Room
05 Surfer Girl
06 When I Grow Up (To Be A Man)
07 Do You Wanna Dance
08 Please Let Me Wonder
09 Little Saint Nick
10 Break Away
11 At The Drive-In
12 Help Me Rhonda
13 California Girls
14 Sloop John B
15 Wouldn't It Be Nice
16 Pet Sounds
17 God Only Knows
18 Sail On Sailor
19 Marcella

Disc 2 (SMiLE + encore): 74:43

01 Our Prayer / Gee
02 Heroes and Villians
03 Roll Plymouth Rock
04 Barnyard
05 Old Master Painter / You Are My Sunshine
06 Cabin Essence
07 Wonderful
08 Song for Children
09 Child Is The Father of the Man
10 Surf's Up
11 I'm in Great Shape / I Wanna Be Around / Workshop
12 Vegatables
13 On A Holiday
14 Wind Chimes
15 Mrs. O'Leary's Cow
16 In Blue Hawaii
17 Good Vibrations / band intro
18 Johnny B. Goode
19 I Get Around
20 Barbara Ann
21 Surfin' USA
22 Fun Fun Fun
23 Walking Down The Path Of Life
24 Love & Mercy

The performers:

Brian Wilson - vocals, occassional keyboards
Nicky Walusko - Fender guitars, vocals
Nelson Bragg - various percussion, vocals
Taylor Mills - vocals, percussion
Jeffery Foskett - guitars, vocals
Darian Sahanaja - keyboards, vocals
Scott Bennett - keyboards, vocals, Theremin, percussion
Paul Mertens - flute, saxophone, vocals
Probyn Gregory - guitar, French Horn, vocals
Bob Lizik - bass
Jim Hines - drums
The Stockholm Strings & Horns - strings & horns