Brian Wilson
A Theatre, Grand Prairie, TX
June 24, 2015

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Traders Den 1/9/19

Taped by f2walsh
Tracked & Flac'd by smores
Titled tracks and checksums by kingrue upload 1762

A big thanks goes to f2walsh for recording the show and addtional thanks goes to Smores for doing the tracking and set list.

The first 2 songs were missed and not recorded.

Review written by Aaron Ortega.

The night began with "Our Prayer" and "Heroes and Villains," the opening tracks to the brilliant remnants collected and pieced together from the follow-up to Pet Sounds, Smile. That was immediately followed by "California Girls," and all three of those featured the carefully crafted harmonies that became the backbone of the evening's performance.

From there, the leads were handed off occasionally, between one-time Beach Boys member Blondie Chaplin, on the bulk of the new material, and Al Jardine, crooning on the classic "Little Deuce Coup" and "Then He Kissed Me." But it was Jardine's son, Matt, whose pipes were the most impressive of the three as he handled "Don't Worry Baby" and "Wouldn't It Be Nice."

But this was Wilson's night, and he seemed very comfortable in that fact. His between-song banter was adorable in a grandfatherly way, pointing out that "One Kind of Love" was written for the love of his life, and how the first two notes of "The Little Girl I Once Knew" were from China, while the rest was American. He also took a time out to ask the audience if they had seen his new movie, which for all intents and purposes he had no involvement in whatsoever, but he felt inclined to take ownership of it anyway.

It seems the spotlight suits Wilson rather well these days, a sort of ironic twist for an artist who once preferred the studio environment over life on the road. His genius and innovation for wielding the recording process as an instrument unto itself will forever be one of his greatest accomplishments. But he must also find time to enjoy the gift he's given to the world, even if it is at the tail end of his career. And last night he did, shedding all of the weight and extra nostalgic extravagance and symbolism that comes with the territory of being America's favorite pop band. He'll leave that problem to the Beach Boys.

Another musician enjoying a revival was show opener Rodriguez, whose folksy romanticism managed to make the Verizon feel like an intimate dive bar. He even took time out to sing happy birthday to one adoring fan, something many musicians would just as soon shrug off with a polite congratulations. Many in the audience seemed to only be in attendance for his set, shouting "We love you, Rodriguez!" To which he humbly replied, "I know it's the drink, but I love you too."


I titled the tracks and created fingerprints.

I've included a few pictures inside the torrent folder, taken from the concert.

Band line up : (introduced in this order)
Mike D'Amico : drums
Bob Lizik : bass
Nicky "Wonder" Walusko : guitar, vocals
Nelson Bragg : percussion, vocals
Probyn Gregory : horns, guitar, vocals
Matt Jardine : vocals
Scott Bennett : keyboards, vocals
Darian Sahanaja : keyboards, vocals
Paul von Mertens : sax, flute, harmonica, vocals
Blondie Chaplin : guitar, vocals
Al Jardine : guitar, vocals
Brian Wilson : piano, vocals

Check samples for quality.

xx Our Prayer�(not recorded)
xx Heroes And Villains�(not recorded)
01. California Girls�
02. Shut Down�(Brian And Al Jardine On Vocals)
03. Little Deuce Coupe�(Brian And Al Jardine On Vocals)�
04. I Get Around
05. The Little Girl I Once Knew
06. This Whole World�(Brian With Darian Sahanaja On Vocals)
07. Then He Kissed Me�(sung as 'Then I Kissed Her')
08. California Saga: California�(Al Jardine Lead Vocal)
09. In My Room
10. Surfer Girl
11. Don't Worry Baby�(Matt Jardine On Lead Vocals)
12. One Kind Of Love
13. Sail Away (Brian, Al And Blondie Chaplin On Vocals)
14. Wild Honey�(Blondie Chaplin On Lead Vocals)
15. Sail On, Sailor�(Blondie Chaplin On Lead Vocals)
16. She Knows Me Too Well�(Matt Jardine On Lead Vocals)
17. Wake The World�(Al Jardine On Lead Vocals)
18. Busy Doin' Nothin'�
19. Surf's Up
20. The Right Time�(Brian And Al Jardine On Vocals)
21. Runaway Dancer
22. Wouldn't It Be Nice�(Matt Jardine On Lead Vocals)
23. Sloop John B�(Brian And Al Jardine On Vocals)
24. God Only Knows�
25. Good Vibrations > band intros
26. All Summer Long
27. Help Me, Rhonda�(Al Jardine On Lead Vocals)
28. Barbara Ann
29. Surfin' U.S.A.
30. Fun, Fun, Fun
31. Love And Mercy

Total Time = 01:40:38

~~ ENJOY ~~


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