March 8th, 1975
Washington, DC
Constitution Hall

Flac Trade

Upload will include, md5 verification file, flac fingerprint, spectral frequency analysis, and PAR2 recovery files. Artwork that semi-matches also included.

Incident on 57th Street
E Street Shuffle
Growin' Up

01-I Want You(start cut)
02-She's the One
04-Kitty's Back
05-NYC Serenade

02-4th of July,Asbury Park(Sandy)
03-A Love So Fine
04-For You
05-Wear My Ring Around Your Neck
06-Quarter to Three

From Brucebase:"ONE show, double bill, with Springsteen & The E Street Band headlining and ORLEANS opening. The above-mentioned setlist, from a good quality audience tape source, appears to be the complete show and includes the longest known version of "New York City Serenade".

Notes: Brucebase says "For You" is the last song. Are the last two songs on this from this show? Who knows? All of the songs were played in the exact order in Westbury on Feb 23rd. Maybe those two tracks come from that show. I included spectral/frequency for one of the last two tracks. It appears to be a different source. The included artwork has the first three tracks, which are missing, till Kitty's Back, only part of the show.

Enjoy, Ivan.

Edit: Upon listening a second time to some of the tracks I'm pretty sure the last two tracks are from Westbury.There's a guy yelling about something about the stage in the audience on both this and Westbury.

TLH says it is lossless(100% CDDA), I'm not too sure. Buyer beware!

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