Bruce Springsteen
"Springsteen on Broadway"
2018-10-12 (Friday Night)

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28 files, 2:38:29

TAPER NOTES: I got lucky with this one. My seats put me directly in front of a speaker, giving this recording an immediacy missing from others from this tour. After some patching, dynamic range compression and a tiny bit of EQ, I think we have one of the better recordings of a complete "Springsteen On Broadway" tour show. SoB is an unusual show, nightmarish to tape because of the huge dynamic range: at times Bruce purposely steps away from the mic, such as at the end of Promised Land, making manual volume adjustments a must; at times he screams and plays the guitar purposely loud to mimic poor guitar skills, such as in the middle of Growin' Up. I have done my best to level things without adding a bunch of artifact or brickwall compression, and I am pleased with the results. Hope you like it.

—Diggy, 2018-10-20

01 - [my magic trick]
02 - Growin' Up
03 - [Freehold, New Jersey]
04 - My Hometown
05 - [retrieving father from the bar]
06 - My Father's House
07 - [mom was another story]
08 - The Wish
09 - [being young and leaving home]
10 - Thunder Road
11 - [a drive across America]
12 - The Promised Land
13 - [Vietnam]
14 - Born In The USA
15 - [one plus one equals three]
16 - Tenth Avenue Freezeout
17 - [my flaming beauty]
18 - Tougher Than The Rest
19 - [trust is a fragile thing]
20 - Brilliant Disguise
21 - [the arc of the moral universe]
22 - The Ghost Of Tom Joad
23 - The Rising
24 - [my magic trick reprise]
25 - Dancing In The Dark
26 - Land Of Hope And Dreams
27 - [back to my neighborhood]
28 - Born To Run

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