Today's special: Buddy Guy playing the blues in a small Seattle club on 7-73. I got this in a cassette trade about 20 years ago so I don't have any more info on it. I haven't seen this circulating at all so I thought you might enjoy it. Buddy is pretty low key but rowdy at the same time. He's got his brother Philip Guy on rhythm guitar. This has a very intimate feel and recording is a very good+ audience tape for it's day and runs about 60 minutes. His set list is different from a lot of shows here. Please feel free to correct my song titles and will update the cover and email it if requested.

Tape Trade in the 80's > CDR-765>Flac

Seattle, WA 7-73

Buddy Guy- Guitar & Vocals
Philip Guy- Rhythm Guitar
Herman Applewhite- Bass
The Snake-Drums

1. Instrumental
2. Lay Down
3. You Don't Have To Go
4. Nothing To Loose
5. How Blue Can You Get
6. Sweet Sixteen
7. Tombstone Blues
8. Hideaway
9. Thrill is Gone
10. I've Been Loving You Babe
11 A Woman is A Two Faced

Buddy Guy voc, gtr,
Phillip Guy gtr,
Robert White b,
"Snake" dr

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