Buddy Guy (with Lonnie Brooks, Wayne Baker Brooks & Otis Taylor)
"93-XRT's 6th Annual Lunch At Legends," Buddy Guy's Legends
Chicago IL
May 31, 2003 (probable date)

Lineage: FM broadcast of live simulcast (unknown method of capture) > ? > Roy's CDR, received in trade & lost in Roy's collection for several years. Extracted to the hard drive in November 2010 using EAC in Secure Mode where it sat on Roy's hard drive for another year.

December 2011 processing: Heavy editing to remove commercials and officially-released material using Cool Edit Pro 2.0. Its remaining eighty-six minute length required it to be
mastered to fit on two audio CDs. No other processing (EQing) done. Seems to be a good capture of a FM b'cast, with little or no distortion or b'cast fuzz. Large WAVs split using CD Wave Editor. SBEs-corrected using Trader's Little Helper ("-fixed" removed from filenames). Encoded to FLAC Level 8 using Trader's Little Helper.

01. intro by Terri Hemmert in the studio & Tom Marker on the scene
02. Crawlin' King Snake (Buddy Guy)
03. My Soul's In Louisiana (Otis Taylor)
04. Witness (Otis Taylor w/ Wayne Baker Brooks)
05. Resurrection Blues (Otis Taylor w/ Buddy Guy)
06. intro by Tom Marker
07. Two-Headed Man (Lonnie Brooks)
08. Tom Marker chats with Lonnie
09. You're Using Me (Lonnie Brooks)
10. You Make It Easy (Wayne Baker Brooks)
11. intro by Bobby Skafish in the studio & Tom Marker on the scene
12. Lucy Mae Blues (Buddy Guy)
13. Tom Marker chats with Buddy
14. Louise McGhee (Buddy Guy)
15. Hoochie Coochie Man > Love Her With A Feeling (Buddy Guy)
16. intro by Tom Marker
17. Feel Good Doin' Bad ??? (Lonnie Brooks)
18. You Better Watch Yourself (Buddy Guy w/ Lonnie Brooks)


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