King Biscuit Blues Festiv
October 7, 2011
Helena, AR

Lineage: TASCAM STPRO(batt. power) 8' high>Deneke AD-20>(optical)>NJB3>Audacity(Normalize)>CDWave(tracking)>FLAC
Location: 100 ft from stage 10 ft.left of the SB

Recorded by GB, Aud A+ (let me know your grade)

Notes: My notes became corrupted. Let me fix this.
Buddy played a very good set but much like that I have seen before. He spends a lot of time talking about other bluesmen and making comparisons to himself. He is a talent, no doubt, but he could spend the entire show on his music and probably engage the audience much more. All in all, this was one of hie=s better shows that I have seen and the venue made it that much better.

Set list(Buddy makes these hard):

01-INTRO>Like My Guitar ???
02-Hootchie Kootchie Man ???
03-I'm Tryin'To Make This Young Thing Satisfied
04-While You Were Slippin' Out.......
05-Buddy Holds Class on the Blues>74 Years Young (??)
06-I Just Want To Make Love To You
07-Let The Doorknob Hit You
08-Buddy Holds more Classes>Albert King>Rock Me Baby
09-Skin Deep
10-Blues Medley>INTROS
11-Buddy Holds more Classes>Jimi
12-Band OUTRO

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KBBF 2011 Recordings (strikeouts are up on Dime)
Location: 100 ft from stage just left of SB
Set up A: AM1's(8' high)>CA st20M preamp>NJB3
Set up B: TASCAM STPRO(batt. power) 8' high>Deneke AD-20>(optical)>NJB3

Oct. 6th
Lionel Young Band (2011 IBC Winner) cut in, mised first 10 min.(A)
Sterling Billingsley Band (A)
Mike Zito (A)
Reba Russell Band (lost last 5 minutes due to dying battery, otherwise a great set) (A)
Roy Rogers (man, what a slide uitar player!) (A)
Room Full of Blues with guest James Cotton (harp) (B)
\cf1\strike\f1 Buddy Guy \cf0\strike0\f0 (B)

Oct 7th\par
Larry Garner with Sam Joyner (A)
\cf1\strike\f1 Hubert Sumlin, Willie 'Big Eyes' Smith Band, Bob Margolin\cf0\strike0\f0 (this group with various players is there each year. This year BIg Eyes son played, Bob stroger of Muddy Waters Fame, Bob Corritore(harp)and the whole thing came off very well. Hubert is one of the last of theold ones and he was unable to stand during this performance. (A)
Michael Burks (A)
Anson Funderburgh and the Rockets (A)