Buffalo Tom - 1992 03 09 Luxor, Köln, GER (Master) A Buenaventura Recording

Monday March 09, 1992
Luxemburger Str. 40
50674 Köln, Germany
Total time: 64:51

Show notes:
This brings back memories. I saw Buffalo Tom in Dec 1990 in Maxwells, supporting the Birdbrain tour, which was a really great show. We had tickets to see Buffalo Tom in NYC in April 1992, but that was the night of the Rodney King verdict and there were sporatic riots, so we decided to stay in, so nice to hear this tape. Thanks to Buenaventura for recording and sharing.

Transfer Note:
Tape flip during The Bus.

1 intro
2 Impossible
3 Taillights Fade
4 Staples
5 Enemy
6 Velvet Roof
7 Mineral
8 The Plank
9 Skeleton Key
10 Sally Brown
11 Sunflower Suit
12 The Bus
13 Birdbrain
14 I'm Not There
15 Larry

Lineage: Analog audience recording (stereo) {recorded by buenaventura}: Sony PC-62 stereo condenser mic > Sony WM-D3 > Sony UX-S master cassette > AKAI DX-W1100 double cassette deck > Zoom H2 > WAV (16/44) {transferred by buenaventura} > Audacity (normalization, fades) > CDWAV (splits) > DBPowerAmp (FLAC) [tracking by loughney]