PFM of an open-ended interview. This format allows a personality with the broadcasting radio station to read the questions and play back the answers, giving the impression that he or she is conducing the actual interview. Questions are found on the front cover liner inner. There are only 25 tracks on the CD. The liner notes track 24 and 25 are found on CD track 24 and the liner notes track 26 and 27 are found on CD track 25. CD rip; log and scans of all the cover liners are included.

defects: none

unknown location -- unknown venue
1992-00-00 -- 28:58

01. -interview-
02. -interview-
03. -interview-
04. -interview-
05. -interview-
06. -interview-
07. -interview-
08. -interview-
09. -interview-
10. -interview-
11. -interview-
12. -interview-
13. -interview-
14. -interview-
15. -interview-
16. -interview-
17. -interview-
18. -interview-
19. -interview-
20. -interview-
21. -interview-
22. -interview-
23. -interview-
24. 2x cue
25. 2x cue

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