"Midnight Special" - The Buzzcocks and The Clash (supporting The Sex Pistols) at The Screen On the Green, Islington, London 29/8/76

The Buzzcocks

01. Breakdown
02. Friends of Mine
03. Times Up
04. Orgasm Addict
05. Peking Hooligan
06. Lester Sands (Drop in the Ocean)
07. Oh Shit!
08. You Tear Me Up
09. Love Battery
10. I Can't Control Myself
11. I Love You You, Big Dummy

The Clash

01 Deny
02 I Know What To Think About You
03 I Never Did It?
04 How Can I Understand The Flies?
05 Janie Jones
06 Protex Blue
07 Mark Me Absent
08 Deadly Serious
09 What's My Name
10 Sitting At My Party
11 48 Hours
12 I'm So Bored With You
13 London's Burning
14 1977

1. Deny
Same lyrics as recorded but going not to the 100 Club yet but the 69 club.

2. I Know What to Think About You
Good song with the slow Who, Can’t Explain riff, lyrics “standing in the hospital room dead or alive”, r’n’b type number with Gloria type middle section building back up to the chorus.

3. I Never Did It?
“I could have been as rich as you “ fast and furious a Terry Chimes drum solo segues into

4. How Can I Understand the Flies?
“How can I go to sleep for the flies” Ramones like simply structured song.

5. Janie Jones
Some lyric changes but already sounds great. Mick sings the chorus (Joe later at the Roundhouse and there after). Mick sings I’m in love with Janie Jones etc not the later He. The tempo is so much slower at this point.

6. Protex Blue
Spirited Mick vocal .Same lyrics as later. A nice punchy mature version

7. Mark Me Absent
Song about schooldays written by Mick. R&B feel not to far akin to what Joe was doing with the 101ers prior to the Clash.

8. Deadly Serious
Short fast song with a fast Can’t Explain riff. Used later as basis for Clash City Rockers though the resemblance is not noticeable.

9. What’s My Name
A real highlight, lyric changes. Again like Janie Jones a much slower version than it would become in 1977.

10. Sitting at my Party
Fast, furious but slight song. One of Micks old songs from the London SS days with Paul.

11. 48 Hours
Same lyrics and structure as later recorded version.

12. I’m So Bored With You
No punk snarl yet but sounds mature. A song about a girlfriend still and not the USA. Mainly different lyrics but indecipherable.

13. London’s Burning
Another highlight, verses order changed and many lyric changes but nearly the fully formed classic.

14. 1977
Sounds great, another highlight, mainly same lyrics , structure but no 1977 – 1984 coda yet, instead Joe repeats the year 1977 (being in 1976 then) an Mick shouts out in between.

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