CSN, Jackson Browne, Joe Walsh, Don Henley, Roger McGuinn Arlington Theater, Santa Barbara, Ca 10-27-79
(Courtesy of Wes Meyette Archive)
"Rally for Indian's Rights"

Lineage: Unknown Gen TDK-SA > Nak BX-300 > Sony PCM M10 24/96

Editing by Wes Meyette using CD Wave Editor

01 Before the Deluge
02 For Everyman
03 Rock Me on the Water
04 Turn! Turn! Turn! (To Everything There Is a Season)
05 The Crow on the Cradle
06 In the 80's
07 Barrel of Pain
08 Cathedral
09 The Pretender
10 Pretty Maids All in a Row
11 Take Me Out to the Ball Game
12 The Last Resort
13 You Don't Have to Cry
14 Helplessly Hoping
15 Blackbird
16 Suite: Judy Blue Eyes
17 Our House
18 Teach Your Children
19 Running on Empty