Mexicali Live
Teaneck, NJ
March 14, 2013

First Night of the Hot Buttered Rum/Cabinet East Coast Spring Co-Headlining Tour

Pappy Biondo - Banjo/Vocals
Mickey Coviello - Guitar/Vocals
JP Biondo - Mandolin/Vocals
Todd Kopec - Fiddle
Dylan Skursky - Bass
Jami Novak - Drums

Soundboard + Schoeps MK41's (clamped to pole on front left of Soundboard "3 inches higher than Z-man")>Schoeps KCY 250/05I>Schoeps VST62iu>Grace Design Lunatec V3(AES Out)>Sound Devices 744t
SD744t>Sound Forge Pro 10 (Fades, iZotope 64 Bit Sample Rate Conversion,Bit Sample Rate Conversion/iZotope MBIT+ Bit depth conversion to 16 Bit/44.1khz)>CDWAV(Tracking)>Trader's Little Helper (FLAC)

A Full Multitrack exists, it might see the light of day when I'm done with the tour. Big Thanks to Brian, House Sound Tech @ Mexicali.


01 Doors
02 You Don't Know My Mind
03 Hit It On The Head
04 Eleanor
05 Wine & Shine
06 Caroline
07 Carry Me In A Bucket
08 Nashville Blues
09 Diamond Joe
10 Hey Mr. Spaceman
11 Pike County Breakdown
12 Gumboots
13 Shifty Shaft
14 Oxygen
15 Heavy Rain