With Trace Friends Mucho
Novenber 14, 2014
Gypsy Sally�s
Washington DC

Taped by
Nate Evans, Jeff Prater, Alex Leary
Loc: Back of room center by sbd
Source Info:
Source 1: Neumann AK50(nos)-lc3-km100-xlr-sd788
Source 2: Neumann AK40(xy)-lc3-km100-xlr-sd788
Source 3: Neumann USM69(hypers xy)-neumann stereo cable-xly-sd788
Source 4: DPA4023(din)-sd744-cf/sd adapter
Source 5: SBD-xlr out-xlr spitters-xlr-sd744- cf/sd adapter
Sound device decks were linked together via kwatts time clock cable
All files were recorded @24/48

Sources 1-3 were transferred 788-firewire-mac
Source 4-5 were transferred sd-mac
Editing was done using SF Pro for MAC
All sources were tracked and flac using Amadeus Pro
Checksums created with xACT for MAC

Matrix info:
Neumann matrix: is an even mix of all 3 neumann sources
Neumann/ SBD matrix is equal parts Neumann sources and the sbd source (sbd volume raised 6db prior to mixing with mikes)
10 channel Matrix is a equal mix of all 4 mike sources with the sbd (sbd raised 6db prior to mixing)
SBD source was raised 6db prior to editing because of the low level it was recorded at.