Time for a RESEED from one of my 2004 offers (& it's been RESEEDed a few times since).
These were transfered from my tapes by Elegymart (THX!!!).
These are the original APE (lossless) file. & Trader's Little Helper is one of many software tools that will help you handle APE files.

CACTUS .... Thursday, 16 December 1971 .... vg/aud
Memorial Auditorium, Buffalo, New York, U.S.A.

APE master, March 2004, by elegymart:
Analog audience recording > unknown analog audio cassette generations > Maxell XLII 90 {CrO2} analog audio cassette > CDR > EAC (WAV extraction, secure mode) > WAV edits (of cassette flips) > CD Wave > APE.

Total running time [56:08]
01 introduction [0:28]
02 Evil [12:42]
03 Long Tall Sally [9:12]
04 Alaska [3:35]
05 Oleo [6:39]
06 No Need to Worry [14:36]
-- encore --
07 Big Mama Boogie [8:52]

Band line-up:
Rusty Day - vocals, harmonica
Jim McCarty - guitar
Tim Bogert - bass, background vocals
Carmine Appice - drums, background vocals

1) This was an opening set for Rod Stewart and the Faces; Cactus was on this leg of the Faces U.S. tour (and probably for part of the summer tour as well).
2) t07 fades out.

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Prepared by Jeff James (roryglzep@aol.com)