Cactus - 26 December 1971 (AUD) Madison Square Garden, New York City, USA (DaD) APE

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This a reseed from my original offer back on STG (Sharing The Groove) & EZT (Easy Torrent). I have other Cactus projects to offer.

Again, the great trader who transferred these recordings for me wishes to remain anonymous, so let's respect that. I am basically leaving the text file information the way that I received them.

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Torrent size: ~453Mb (APE's, text file, & MD5 file) .... 77:22 minutes

CACTUS .... Sunday, 26 December 1971 .... vg+/aud
Note: This may be from the 1972 Thanksgiving Weekend, per The Beastmaster's story below.
Madison Square Garden, New York, New York, USA

APE master, March 2004, by anonymous:
Analog audience recording > unknown analog audio cassette generations > Maxell XLII 90 {CrO2} analog audio cassette > CDR > EAC (WAV extraction, secure mode) > WAV edits (of cassette flips) > CD Wave > APE.

Total running time [61:54]>[77:22]
01 introduction [0:33]
02 Bag Drag [3:07] >
03 Evil [8:46]
04 band introductions > Long Tall Sally [9:19]
05 No Need to Worry [14:08]
06 Oleo [12:20]
07 Big Mama Boogie (incl. Wang Dang Doodle) [10:33] >
08 Parchman Farm [2:45]
09 announcement [0:21]
-- unknown filler --
jam > drum solo {cut} [15:27]

Band line-up:
Rusty Day - vocals, harmonica
Jim McCarty - guitar
Tim Bogert - bass, background vocals
Carmine Appice - drums, background vocals

1) Commonly circulates as 26 November 1971, which appears to be wrong since Rusty constantly makes references to Christmas (i.e. instead of Thanksgiving); this was an opening set for Rod Stewart and the Faces - the Ron Wood database shows the Faces played the Garden on both the 26th of November and 26th of December; the Faces set also circulates with the 26 November date.
2) t05 includes the "all here together" vamp near the end.
3) Filler is unknown, possibly from the middle of "Evil," but hard to tell -- it may not even be Cactus
4) FYI: The transfer of this show did not come from my (Jeff) tape, but in fact came from the "anonymous" trader's tape, but the filler track came from my tape of the 12-26-71 recording.

Also, I hope STG's "The Beastmaster" doesn't mind me sharing his story in this torremt, from the original STG torrent. These stories are priceless.

The Cactus Madison Square Garden show was absolutely from Thanksgiving Weekend 1972.
I know because I was at that show, made a setlist, and a fellow that I went to
college with (A. Russo), taped that show along with the one from the Kinsgbridge
Armory in the Bronx. He made copies for me on Maxell UD35-7 reels back in 1973 and
I traded my copies out 2-3 times. Somewhere, my reels are in storage.
4895a25533b12cffd3ef2aa96d958ae5 *cactus1971-12-26t01.ape
d8eb85501fc4de93f061a3f8191a9c62 *cactus1971-12-26t02.ape
7d29f57efacad7a41fdfcc645d759d05 *cactus1971-12-26t03.ape
fd4b06927c6866b9d69237a06e709b89 *cactus1971-12-26t04.ape
221483e5b66fe685e513644d3a008f83 *cactus1971-12-26t05.ape
b4e81edb5596beb0d9df8635a6612702 *cactus1971-12-26t06.ape
db876761ec51a398931abf0d918c4bc1 *cactus1971-12-26t07.ape
aa68fc9d2948653305f4105c4cf48663 *cactus1971-12-26t08.ape
3193d50e96dbb111319f146960d18bbe *cactus1971-12-26t09.ape
35192416549c9de17027a3053080423e *cactus1971-12-26unknown.ape

Torrent by Jeff James