Cactus - 1971 WCMF-FM's auxiliary studio; Rochester, New York, USA (DaD) APE

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CACTUS .... 1971 .... vg+/ex-/sb
WCMF-FM's auxiliary studio; Rochester, New York, USA

APE master, March 2004, by anonymous:
WCMF-FM broadcast > unknown analog audio cassette generations > Maxell XLII 90 {CrO2} analog audio cassette > CDR > EAC (WAV extraction, secure mode) > WAV edits (of cassette flips) > CD Wave > APE.

Total running time [73:52]>[80:21]
01 The Sun is Shining [6:35]
02 Evil [5:32]
03 Sweet Sixteen [4:40]
04 Oleo [13:30]
05 No Need to Worry [19:38]
06 on-air spot [1:08]
07 Long Tall Sally [8:04]
08 Big Mama Boogie (incl. Mona) [14:42]
-- unknown filler --
Parchman Farm [6:28]

Band line-up:
Rusty Day - vocals, harmonica
Jim McCarty - guitar
Tim Bogert - bass, background vocals
Carmine Appice - drums, background vocals

1) t05 features the "all here together" vamp.
2) t04 is cut at the very end; there are two mid-cuts in t05.
3) This show took place on the day that "Restrictions" was released.
4) Filler is stereo soundboard -- no info known, but it's clearly not before a live studio audience like the other Rochester tracks, and it's not from Isle of Wight.
96551a95fcb5cab27538a593e31d5c1a *cactus1971rochester_filler.ape
322efdc610cc025ba9b1b190d6515045 *cactus1971rochester_t01.ape
5c40bcaaa8c9bddde63db129961130b6 *cactus1971rochester_t02.ape
abb60efb8b68177fe6dd43d380435d8f *cactus1971rochester_t03.ape
e31aef1679e2645d29f75792f6320cfd *cactus1971rochester_t04.ape
8e6e24cff752bd17d83807e2d829ff7c *cactus1971rochester_t05.ape
986c52982a41538714e350284c236b75 *cactus1971rochester_t06.ape
b6d15978a0b4e805446488eedf342eb6 *cactus1971rochester_t07.ape
777c8351e1a3e379bd30243395bec0d5 *cactus1971rochester_t08.ape

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