Boston Garden
Boston, MA
July 1, 1972

Audience Analog Master>Wav>Cdr>Flac

Joe Maloney Master Recording

Set List:

1: Intro
2: Bedroom Mazurka
3: Bad Stuff
4: Bringing Me Down
5: Swim

There are some occasional sound drop outs during this recording due to a faulty mic cable however this is still very listenable.

Anyone have any vintage Vanilla Fudge, other Cactus and/or BBA recordings? Please post..

A DIME project we all need to get involved with. Search your favorite band on EBAY. There are several bootleg CD's being sold
on the site that need to be reported. Many of the shows being sold up there were most likely taken right here off DIME and it needs
to stop. It takes about 5 seconds to report a listing. Each listing has a "report listing" icon that walks you right through it.