Norje, SWE - Sweden Rock Festival
2006-06-09 (june 9th)

source: Master recording (not mine, a friendsī)
length: 93.26

quality: A

Seeded on request, this is one of the best gigs ever held at the Sweden Rock Festival, and one of the best gigs Iīve seen overall. Absolutely stunning performance!

I taped this myself
too, but this source sounds a bit better. Headphone-time, people!

cd1 (43.35)
1. Long tall Sally
2. Let me swim
3. One way...or another
4. Cactus music
5. Bro. Bill
6. Muscle & soul

cd2 (49.51)
1. Oleo
2. The groover
3. Part of the blame
4. Evil
5. Carmine - drum solo
6. Big mama boogie
7. Parchman farm
8. Rockīnīroll children