New York City
New York

April 10th,2010'

Recorded & Transferred by Bob Pitlak

Source: Zoom H-4>Wav>usb>pc>cd wav>traders little helper>flac

* Decent audience recording considering how loud they were, a
little bassy & boomy at times albeit still very enjoyable and
a stellar performance for sure !

This was my first time seeing Cactus, i got invited at the last
minute as a guest and really didn't know what to expect as i'm
not really familiar with the band or it's music but i'm really
glad i went as i really enjoyed the show.

Here's what the press say's about Cactus:


Disc 1 ( 75:43 ) Min

01: Intro
02: Let Me Swim
03: Long Tall Sally
04: Sweet Sixteen
05: One Way Or Another
06: Bro Bill
07: Cactus Music
08: Alaska
09: Muscle And Soul
10: Oleo
11: Name Of The Game
12: The Groover

Disc 2 ( 37:53 ) Min

01: Evil
02: Bad Mother Boogie
03: Parchment Farm
04: Encore: Rock N'Roll Children

The Band:

Jimmy Kunes: Vocal's
Jim McCarty: Guitar
Elliot Dean: Bass
Carmine Appice: Drums
Randy Pratt: Harmonica
Paul Gifford: Back-Up Vocal's

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How To:

This show is not for sale, trade only!

Crack one open & enjoy!