Burg Herzberg Festival 2013
Breitenbach, Hessen, Germany
July - 20 - 2013
Main Stage
(15:45 -> 17:15)



A RENDEL recording

OKM2R-> Zoom H2n (at Wav 16/44) -> SDcard -> HD -> MagicMusicLab03 (edit/remaster) -> SD card -> my HD -> WAV 16/44 -> TLH8 -> FLAC -> DIME -> YOUR EARS AND MIND..
Recorded by dear RENDEL at first row a bit left of center. Nothing really disturbing, no chatters, screamers or troubles like that audible. A few crackers from the mics (?)
in the first two songs but besides that this is a fucking great audience recording! All thanks straight to the Frankfurt/Main aera for capturing this fine moment in music history!


First of all I'd like to thank the marvellous work of all people who worked on the HOLY MOUNTAIN in six days of blazing sun, the organizers, the security, the helpers, the local
fire fighters, the water carriers, and, of course, those to had to clean up the ports (or loos, or Dixies, latter we call them in Germany). THANK YOU VERY MUCH!
ALWAYS A PLEASURE TO BE A GUEST ON BURG HERZBERG FESTIVAL. Feels like home....hmmm...more than home...Ok, some personal thanks as our fantastic campground crew...
Martin and Martina, Olaf and Alexandra, Volker and Evelyn, Klaus, the mighty Martin from Bochum (who provided us all with great acoustic guitar playing), Uli from Hannover, who
always knew the shortest ways to an icycold beer, and of course, my taper buddies, who took the main burden on taping: Propylaen and Rendel.
THANK YOU ALL FOR A REAL GOOD TIME! See you all again in 2014!

So what? So what is better than laying in the shade with some good friends, provided with an icycold beer and a tasty phatty washing down a superb spicy african meal? Listening to one
of the few still active favourite bands from childhood? I can tell you: The certainty that there is a good friend out there in front of the stage to record! Standing in the blazing heat
of the afternoon to enjoy you and me with his great tape.
Even if this show might be a bit shorter than their springtime shows over here, it's a high engery rockn' roll boogie celebration! One way or another, it was the perfect start into the
trifecta of THE CORE on this day...CACTUS - KADAVAR - GOV'T MULE... Though unfortunately the latter can't be posted here, we'd love to bring you this and the KADAVAR set. say with the opening lines of the first track: HAVE SOME FUN TONIGHT! And now BOOGIE ON! SB.

FULL SHOW (79:23 min.)

01. Intro -> Long tall Sally (7:14)
02. (Let me) Swim (in your ocean) (5:06)
03. One way or another (9:24)
04. Bro Bill (5:28)
05. You can't judge a book by it's cover (8:48)
06. Electric blue (7:34)
07. The groover (9:39)
08. Evil -> Carmine solo (10:48)
09. Parchman farm (5:00)
10. Encore call (2:09)
11. Rockn' Roll children (8:10) (tons of nice pictures there!)

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CACTUS at Burg Herzberg 2013...

JIM McCARTY - guitar
CARMINE APPICE - thunder drums
JIMMY KUNES - vocals, harp

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