Caitlin Rose

Church Audio CA 14 Cardioids > Sony RH1 (PCM-mode) > Hi-MD > Sonic Stage > wav > Audacity (level adjustments, trackmarking, some leveller for loud clapping) > TLH > flac level 8

01. intro
02. New York
03. Spare Me
04. Own Side
05. banter & band introduction
06. Learning To Ride
07. Coming Up
08. For The Rabbits
09. Shanghai Cigarettes
10. Sinful Wishing Well
11. Things Change
- encore break -
12. Marie (Randy Newman)
13. Answer In One Of Those Bottles

Caitlin Rose: guitar, vocals
Jeremy Fetzer: guitar
Spencer Collin Jr: pedalsteel

I heard Caitlin Rose for the first time opening for KORT (Kurt Wagner & Cortney Tidwell) - and to tell the truth, she impressed me more than the main act. This time she was headlining, with the same band - you could tell that they had been on the road together for a while.

The setlist not much different from her 2010 sets, more banter, like the last time around instantly connecting with the audience - the show could have been a little longer, but most of her shows are not.

The Prinzenbar is a small club close to the Reeperbahn high ceiling, very nice interior with abundant plaster of Paris including a couple of Cherubs, filled to capacity of about 200. There is a little chatter and a couple of bottle noises, but I picked a spot on the fringes of the crowd on a balcony about 2 meters above the heads, so the recording turned out pretty nice.