CALEXICO wsg. Barbara Manning
- November 02, 1996 -
Geislingen, Germany
** SOUNDBOARD-DAT master, MWM 0120 **
>> John Convertino & Joey Burns - their first Eurotour as CALEXICO - a MISERYMAN recording << w/ samples

Preliminary remark 1:

Checking the DIME bot, it seems that this beauty was never uploaded here.
The second part, the "headliner", is available here:


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- November 02, 1996 -
Geislingen, Germany
** SOUNDBOARD-DAT master, MWM 0121 **
>> Barbara WITH John Convertino & Joey Burns (Spoke, Calexico, Giant Sand) - a MISERYMAN recording << w/ samples


Preliminary remark 2:

VERY SPECIAL THANKS, from the bottom of my heart, to miseryman for opening his
incredible archive - and to my fellow DIMErs & friends Herr "SIR" hanwaker and
Herr starmelt99 for their incommensurable help in transferring & uploading !!
Parts of the "Miseryman Collection" are also in the "BR-archives" and the "MWM"-vaults,
as we did not only trade with each other, we also viewed and recorded a bunch of shows
together, as friends, music fans and concert promoters, usually with three (or more)
Tascams and Sony's in a row...

Preliminary remark 3:

As far as I know NONE of this recording was ever used commercially.

This recording here comes directly from the "Men With Microphones" archive.
"MWM" started in the 70ies in South Germany with analog recording equipment,
and at least two of them are still recording sometimes (since the 90ies on DAT,
and, lazy as we are, since lately with small, handheld WAV-recorders on SD-cards).
The "MWM" startet as a project of friends sharing their hobbies together. But by
reason of jobs, partners and other interests the circle of all involved shrinked.

About the band:

Calexico is a Tucson, Arizona-based rock band. The band's two main members, Joey Burns and
John Convertino, first played together in Los Angeles as part of the group Giant Sand.
They have recorded a number of albums on Quarterstick Records, while their 2005 EP In the Reins
recorded with Iron & Wine has reached the Billboard 200 album charts. Their musical style is
influenced by traditional sounds of mariachi Tejano music and the Southwestern United States
country music, and they have been described by some as indie rock. The band is named for the
border town of Calexico, California.

Calexico had its origins in 1990 when Burns, who was studying music at the University of Cali-
fornia, Irvine, met up with Convertino, who was playing drums with Howe Gelb in Giant Sand.
Burns joined them, after first playing upright bass on a European tour.

Giant Sand moved to Tucson, Arizona in 1994. John and Joey formed the Friends of Dean Martin
(later the Friends of Dean Martinez) which scored a record deal with Sub Pop. However, the pair
split up with Bill Elm, the co-founder of The Friends of Dean Martinez in 1996. The band
subsequently became a kind of indie rhythm section for hire, working with the likes of Victoria
Williams, Barbara Manning and Richard Buckner before forming Calexico.

Calexico first recorded Spoke in 1996 for German independent label Hausmusik with a limited
edition of 2,000 copies. At that point the band was still called Spoke and the album was
technically self-titled. After the band signed with Quarterstick Records (a subsidiary of
Touch and Go Records) and changed their name to Calexico, Spoke was reissued by that label
in 1997.

About this recording:

Giant Sand (Howe, Joey & John) toured Europe in January/February 1996, support act was
Spoke (Joey & John) - a few months ago i upped their complete Nuremberg (& now gone) show...
After their metamorphosis was over, they came back in October & November under their new
bandname CALEXICO, in support of the incredible Barbara Manning - and as her new band
and rhythm section - the BARBARA MANNING Explosion.

This is the final concert, the last night of the tour (and of the "Explosion") - and the
motto of this memorable night was: "...we're having a love party tonight - and YOU are invited!"

Miseryman recorded it with his Tascam in the "old" Rätschenmühle - de facto really
a former mill with lots of old wooden framework (and finally closed in autumn 1997).
THE SOUND QUALITY IS EXCELLENT...thanks to Carsten (not only just as engineer...)!

The concert was rarely traded (by miseryman) before, and is part of Caliposa:
Thanks to Jim for all his work there - and for the setlist !



Geislingen, Germany
November 02, 1996

recorded by miseryman, soundboard to DAT

Soundboard > Analog Cable > Tascam DA-20 (16 bit, SP 48 kHz) > DAT (Denon R-180DT, Digital Reality, 90 meter tape)

DAT (master) > Tascam DA-20 II, S/P-DIF out > Digital Cable (coax) > > Behringer Ultramatch SRC 2000
(Sample Rate Converter & Jitter Remover) > Digital Cable (coax) > Soundcard, S/P-DIF in > CD Wave (recording) > Harddisc >
> lonetaper's secret box of miracles > CD Wave (tracking) > Traders Little Helper (SB aligned/level 6) > FLAC > DIME

the complete concert:

all songs by Calexico unless otherwise specified

01. ...intro auf Deutsch/bitte ein paar Bier/tuning... 2:09.68
02. Taster 3:56.67
03. Sanchez 3:01.23
04. ...last concert of a really great tour... 1:25.14
05. Return of the Manta Ray 5:35.49
06. Slag 4:49.69
07. Fräulein Song 3:48.56
08. Missing 5:05.38
09. ...last night/intro Barbara/the Walton's goodnight... 1:07.61
10. Spokes # 3:39.50
11. ...thank you, Barbara/songintro/tuning... 1:04.35
12. Tulsa Telephone Book 3:26.46
13. Low Expectations 2:24.31
14. -> Sneaker -> Cordova 3:41.41
15. ...that's it, thanks very much... 1:24.00

16. Windjammer 3:00.56
17. The Ride 3:12.63
18. ...thank you very much/kurze Pause... 0:22.05

total: 53:17.22 mins


# - Barbara Manning on guitar & additional vocals


Joey Burns - guitars, vocals
John Convertino - drums, percussion, additional vocals

plus special guest:

Barbara Manning - guitar, additional vocals

and, not to forget:

Carsten Eckermann - tour & road manager, driver, merchandiser & sound engineer

Please support the artists, visit their concerts and BUY their CDs...

CALEXICO tourdates are in the comments-section !

Check out their websites...

VERY SPECIAL THANKS to HaPe, Rosaria & Frieder and all involved at Rätschenmühle,
and to Jim, the "gsarchivist" on DIME & official Calexico archivist...

Big thanks to my wife, Mrs. Leo, for supporting
and taking an active part in all my crazyness...

No animals were harmed in the making of this
recording or during the mastering and transfer.

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