karlsruhe (D)
zelt am tollhaus
25th zeltival

a hanwaker audience recording
with 2 x Rode NT5 on pole @soundboard raised 3 m
( thanks to ecki for the rodes))
to edirol 04 (16-44)
taped with permission and support of the the band and jelle kuiper ( soundmix)

edirol 04--HD--audacity to correct delay (4/100 secs)-some smoothing in nero --> cdwave tracking--> flac(8)

the whole set had as guests

Jairo Zavala Ruiz guitar and vocals AKA depedro
(who also opened the show being backed by various calexico members)


chris cacavas on piano organ ,accordeon and back up vocals


01 intro
02 half a smidge ( for guni)
03 el gatillo
04 roka
05 jesus and tequila
06 bend to the road
07 victor jara's hands
08 black heart
09 minas de cobre
10 inspiracion
11 writer's minor holiday
12 two siver trees
13 the hews about william
14 man made lake
15 letter to bowie knife
16 alone again
17 fractured rain
18 guero canelo
19 encore break
20 cruel
21 el burro song
22 red blooms

note: first live appearance of track 2
thank you guni for making this possible

taped transferred and uploaded to dime by hanwaker 2009-07