Live 2012-10-13
Webster Hall
New York, NY

AUD 44k/16b

Lineage: Core Sound DPA 4061 + Mic2496 V2 combo (96k/24b)
> Sony PCM-D50
> Adobe Audition 3.0 (
down-sampling to 44.1k/16b
> TLH to check for and correct SBEs
> dbPowerAmp (FLAC level 8)

Recorded by: Sheltmaster
Location: Center, in front of Joey Burns, 3 people from stage

Total Time: 1:43 hours

Joey Burns - vocals, guitar
John Convertino - drums, percussion
Jairo Zavala - guitar, lap steel guitar
Sergio Mendoza - keyboards, backing vocals
Jacob Valenzuela - keys, trumpet, vibes
Martin Wenk - accordion, guitar, synthesizers, trumpet, vibes
? - upright + electric bass

Full bill, first to last:
The Dodos (not recorded)
Calexico (this torrent)


- A very nice show with excellent sound, as usual. A good mix of songs from
the new Algiers CD, old classics, and cover songs.

- Paul Niehaus is on the new Algiers CD but does not seem to be on the tour.

- The bass player was apparently not Volker Zander. Joey Burns introduces
him but I couldn't decipher the name. I couldn't find any references
on the web.

- I also could not verify the name of the guest guitarist on Fortune Teller.

- They seem to be inviting a different female vocalist in each city to do
vocals on Waiting For A Miracle. In this show it is Anna Ternheim,
originally from Sweden but now living in NYC.

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