Calexico (Joey Burns & John Convertino)
Hamburg, Germany
Michelle Record Store

In the context of Record Store Day 2015 on April 18. 2015 and promoting their new album "Edge of the Sun", Joey and John played a 30 min. set in the shop window of the record store "Michelle" in Hamburg.

I was lucky to be there early enough to get in and stand in the first row and even more to be allowed to record this short concert consisting of old and new songs.

1. All The Pretty Horses
2. Falling From The Sky
3. Wash
4. The Black Light
5. Gilbert
6. Follow The River

source: Canon Legria HF G10 - Pinnacle Studio 15 HD - Sound Forge - Trader's Little Helper

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EDGE OF THE SUN is now out EVERYWHERE! Enjoy!!!!
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