CALEXICO with Gaby Moreno.
Barbican Centre, London, 25th April 2016

Disc One
1. Unknown title
2. Unknown title
3. Lejos
4. Since You Came Along
5. Across the Borderline
6. Fronteras

Disc Two
1. Frontera / Trigger
2. Falling from the Sky
3. Cumbia de Donde
4. Fake Fur
5. Two Silver Trees
6. Bullets and Rocks
7. Fortune Teller
8. Coyoacan
9. Splitter
10. No Te Vayas
11. World Undone
12. Miles from the Sea (w/Gaby Moreno)
13. Moon Never Rises (w/Gaby Moreno)
14. Corona
15. Cumbia Soledad (w/Gaby Moreno)
16. Crystal Frontier
18. applause

Disc Three
19. Wash
20. Beneath the City of Dreams (w/Gaby Moreno)
21. Guero Canelo (w/Gaby Moreno)
22. applause
22. Five Years (w/Gaby Moreno)
23. Across the Wire (unplugged)

Joey Burns: Guitars and Vocals
John Convertino: Drums
Jacob Valenzuela: Trumpet, vocals, vibes, accordion, percussion.
Martin Wenk: Trumpet, vibes, accordion, percussion, keyboard
Sergio Mendoza: Keyboards, viheula, accordion, vocals
Jairo Zavala: Guitars, Pedal Steel, vocals
Scott Colberg: Upright bass, bass guitar
Gaby Moreno: Vocals, acoustic guitar

Recorded with Olympus LS-11 and OKM-II (Rock) mics from the front row, stage left.

Note: for the unplugged �Across the Wire�, Martin and Jacob were standing more or less above me and Joey, John and Sergio were way over the other side of the stage, so the trumpets were drowning out most of the other parts. I have made a rather crude attempt to level the volumes out in this file version, but it�s not great.