California All Stars, Big Brother
and Joli Valente Band
State Capitol Park
Sacramento, CA USA

"Celebrating California: 150th Birthday"

California All Stars:
Kathy McDonald - vocals
Barry Melton - guitar, vocals
Richie Kirch - guitar
Peter Albin - bass
Greg Elmore - drums
Banana - keys

Joli Valente Band
Joli Valente - vocals
Barry Flast - keys
Pete Grant - dobro
?? - guitar

Big Brother
Sam Andrews - guitar
Peter Albin - bass
Greg Elmore - drums
?? - vocals

note: this was a free event thrown by the state
to celebrate it's 150th. Various musical acts and
exhibits etc. on the capitol lawn. Fun for me as I
lived two blocks away at the time.

sbd > Tascam DA-P1 > Dat Master
transfer: Tascam DA-P1 > Sony CDR-W33 > CDRW >

on 2008-01-21 I decoded then encoded to flac 6
fixing any sbe

note: as I remember the sound dude had some
problems giving me a proper feed so this is what I
could salvage from the weekend (I think).

recording etc. by Richard Selleseth

Walkin' Blues*
// Got Love**
Baby Please Don't Go**
Hoochie Coochie Man**
Goin' Down**
Talk To Me Baby**
I Got A Mind To Give Up Livin'**
Hound Dog**
Ball & Chain (Big Brother w/Kathy McDonald)*
Hey Joe (Joli Valente Band)**
What About Me? (Joli Valente Band)***
Get Together (Joli Valente Band)***

* 2000-09-08
** 2000-09-09
*** 2000-09-10