California Kind - Sweetwater Music Hall Mill, Valley CA 2018-03-16, Sbd matrix flac 16

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Jam veterans Barry Sless, Rob Barraco, Pete Sears and John Molo team up with singer/ songwriter/guitarist Katie Skene to perform original music, classic Americana and rock n' roll, blending uninhibited jams, swamp blues, old style twang, traditional roots music, and southern soul into a musical truth that pushes forward the tradition of the California Jam Band movement

Set 1

01. Don't Let Me Down
02. The Eleven
03. Don't Let Me Down
04. Put You Down
05. One Dog Blues
06. Can't Find My Way Home
07. Rising Sun
08. Lost Ones
09. Whiskey Smile
10. To The River
11. Tennessee Jed

Set 2

01. Rocky Road Blues
02. Where I Come From
03. Peggy-O
04. Any Naked Eye
05. Different World
06. Prisoner Of Freedom
07. Suite At The Mission
08. Movin' Right Along
09. Fable Of A Chosen One


Barry Sless
Rob Barraco
Pete Sears
John Molo
Katie Skene
Special Guest: David Nelson (Set 2)