Cambridge Folk Festival UK
'on stage' performance
BBC various programmes

File 526 mb
Time 1hr 20min 59 sec's
Lineage analogue FM tuner-R1-Cooledit-TLH-Flac (compression 6) aligned

For studio performance see this dime page posted yesterday:

File 204 mb music
File 96.8 mb interviews
Time 34.17 music
Time 16.56 interviews
Lineage analogue FM tuner-R1-Cooledit-TLH-Flac (compression 6) aligned

01 My Manic and I (Laura Marling)
02 Bricks (Tunng)
03 Lighthouse (The Waifs)
04 Orange Sea Salt (Eliza Carthy)
05 Old Virginia Block (Devon Sproule)
06 Je n'ai pas de barbe (Mauvais Sort)
07 Paddys Trip To Scotland (Altan)
08 Love & affection (Joan armatrading)
09 Factory (Martha wainwright)
10 Hurlers and Solomon Burke (Seth Lakeman)
11 John Riley (Judy Collins)
12 In My Fathers place (Eric Bibb)
13 Watermans (Mike McGoldrick)
14 Between the Wars (Billy Bragg)
15 Cold Hailey Rainy Night (Imagined Village)
16 Boatman (Levellers)
17 Sun Coming Over the Hill (Karine Polwart)
18 The Cottagers Reply (Chris Wood)
19 Humours of Tulla (The Chair)


01.My Manic and I Laura Marling CFF08.flac:900155a4464afac7ff7938775ccafb8b
02.Bricks Tunng CFF08.flac:1a6f903b64376f0c0bf768691e48a954
03.The Lighthouse The Waifs CFF08.flac:7c79964a5129153e23f5f3f8554af001
04.Eliza Carthy Oranges Sea Salt CFF08.flac:9171a5fd902cf2fcad19ba1d02b2d3ca
05.Old Virginia Block Devon Sproule CFF08.flac:fbc3629a71da388b432eb3e626d83466
06.Je n'ai pas de barbe Mauvais Sort CFF08.flac:6922878d0b545d14752be8d81d4d079b
07.Paddy's Trip To Scotland Altan CFF08.flac:af53b706a76360934fadbbe47648b5b6
08.Love Affection Joan Armatrading CFF08.flac:37e687be0709500c2f97fd3934c4129e
09.Factory Martha Wainwright CFF08.flac:a9623f3bc449f1c9c2cf0712b0b35ae3
10.Hurlers&S.Burke Seth Lakeman CFF08.flac:2cd0c451c06e07a0b5382fee209516fd
11.John Riley Judy Collins CFF08.flac:607ca0149672488199ca529c4d708e5a
12.In My Fathers Place Eric Bibb CFF08.flac:8195ed2aaf69655c176c29d6f82facae
13.Watermans Mike McGoldrick CFF08.flac:aba43b95f51b54662a90facc711c4a4a
14.Between The Wars Billy Bragg CFF08.flac:958f02ef92d23e1e9701e519ff717e93
15.Cold Rainy Night Imagined Village CFF08.flac:f74e654571fe71f7258d32bacfac34e6
16.Boatman Levellers CFF08.flac:967e0adb8e8da04796719460ef9b8c22
17.Sun Coming Over Hill Karine Polwart CFF08.flac:35e12efb790b4b1a49fd9faefc750f77
18.The Cottager's Reply Chris Wood CFF08.flac:0cba683a53b8df554c9c5ea0f2f31996
19.Humours of Tulla The Chair CFF08.flac:fd2f8b1f7398db7c0fac4190e69d7484