Koncerthuset, Gothenburg, Sweden
29th September 1976
Aud, B+, 56min

This recording is an acceptable stereo audience recording. I received it in a trade, and there has been some odd editing done; each track being faded out and back in again - even between segued pieces such as The Great Marsh into Rhayader. Why the person mastering did this is anyone's guess, because I doubt it would be to cover up tape stops and starts.

The setlist is similar to the Oslo show, omitting 'Air Born', and the recording documents the complete concert up to 'Dunkirk', finishing before any encores (likely either Lady Fantasy or maybe Hommage).

1. Aristillus (tape)
2. Song within a Song
3. The Great Marsh
4. Rhayader > Rhayader Goes to Town
5. Supertwister
6. Chord Change
7. White Rider
8. Lunar Sea
9. Preparation > Dunkirk

Andy Latimer; guitars, flute
Pete Bardens; keyboards
Doug Ferguson; bass
Andy Ward; drums
Mel Collins; saxophone, flute