Camel live at Philipshalle
Düsseldorf, Germany
25 October 1978
Breathless Tour

Nice recording from the Breathless Tour. The band sounds somewhat distant, so I wasn't really that sure this is really a FM recording. The broadcasting station's jingle (for the WDR2 stations' series called "Bands On Stage") being included however hints to a possible FM source. This recording is also usually being traded with the radio station's name added (West-German broadcasting service WDR2), which was also the case when I received this recording in a trade. Thus, there's no exact information about the lineage, and instead it's:

traded FLACs --> checksummed --> you

I've tried to identify the final piece of music on disc 2 but couldn't connect it with a Camel song. It sounds rather improvised and need not be performed by Camel. Any hints to its origin are very welcome!



01. WDR2 Bands On Stage jingle 0:26
02. First Light/Earthrise/Rhayader/Unevensong 9:11
03. Song Within a Song 7:26
04. The Sleeper 5:29
05. Summer Lightning 6:08
06. Tell Me 4:55
07. Rhayader - Rhayader goes to town 9:55

CD 2
01. La Princesse Perdue 05:45
02. Never Let Go 12:46
03. One Of These Days I'll Get An Early Night 10:57
04. Improvisation (?) 9:56

Band Members:
Andrew Latimer Guitars, flute, vocals
Andy Ward Drums, percussions
Mel Collins Saxophones, flute
Richard Sinclair Bass, vocals
Dave Sinclair Keyboards
Jan Schelhaas Keyboards

Never sell, trade freely.
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