Salle des fêtes du Grand Parc
Bordeaux, France
November 22nd, 1978

EX+ quality audience MASTER recorded during "Breathless" tour.

Lineage : JVC stereo mic -> JVC stereo cassette recorder -> master tape played on Nakamichi Dragon (with auto-azimuth)-> Pioneer PDR 609 stand alone CD burner -> wav -> EAC -> Goldwave (edits, tracks) -> FLAC Frontend -> FLAC level 8 align on sector boundaries

Disc one (0:44:24)
02.Song within a song
03.The sleeper
04.Summer lightning
05.Tell me
06.Snow goose

Disc two (0:37:02)
03.Never let go
04.One Of These Days I'll Get An Early Night

Total time : 01:21:26

Andrew Latimer / Guitars, Flute, Vocals
Dave Sinclair / Keyboards
Mel Collins / Wind Instruments
Richard Sinclair / Bass, Vocals
Andy Ward / Drums, Percussion

Recorded and shared on Dime by Erathostene (december 2009)

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