November 21 1979
De Doelen, Rotterdam, Holland

Pre-FM tape > CDR > WAV (EAC)
Additional lineage: FLAC > Audacity (select tracks) > FLAC > TLH > FLAC (level 8)

01 Intro Medley
02 Echoes
03 Songs Within A Song
04 Hymn To Her
05 Neon Magic
06 Rhayader
07 Rhayader Goes To Town
08 Migration
09 Preparation
10 Dunkirk
11 Ice

01 Who We Are
02 Your Love Is Stranger Than Mine
03 Never Let Go
04 Wait
05 Lunar Sea

Band Members:
Andrew Latimer: Guitars, flute, vocals
Andy Ward: Drums, percussions
Colin Bass: Bass, vocals
Kit Watkins: Keyboards, flute
Jan Schelhaas: Keyboards

This audio was originally shared on dime by akewlfish on 2007-07-27.

The original disc division was poorly placed. There is a cut in the audio before Who We Are, but in the
original audio files, 1) Ice fades out at the end of Disc 1, and 2) Disc 2 starts with approximately
2 seconds before the cut in the audio. Those 2 seconds belong with the Ice track.

I loaded Ice and Who We Are into Audacity. I used reverse adjustable fades to "undo" the original disc
fade, and amplified the short section before the cut at the start of Disc 2. I then retracked those
particular files so that Who We Are starts after the cut, and I added roughly a second of silence at
the end of Ice. I used TLH to post-pad Ice and pre-pad Who We Are so that no SBE were introduced.

No other changes. No changes at all to the other audio files.
-ledwhofloyd (Ross), Nov. 2021