live at the Great American Music Hall
San Francisco, USA
26 August 2000
Rajaz Tour

And yet another offering from the Rajaz tour, clearly of a better quality than the Osaka recording uploaded recently. I'd give it an A rating. A special encore is to be found here which I haven't heard on other Camel recordings: The Straits of Malacca is an instrumental from Colin Bass' first solo album "An Outcast Of The Islands" (1999) and is performed her with great energy, a refreshing and impressive finale for a Camel show and in every way fitting - both from the musical style and the overall atmosphere.

Three different artworks included - two to be found on ferhiga's Camel page, yet I also included them in the torrent so you don't need to bother searching. However, only the one I created displays the correct setlist and song durations.

Since I got this in a trade, I do unfortunately not have any information about the lineage and about equipment used.



CD 1
01. Three Wishes 06.41

02. Echoes 08.56

03. Nimrodel/The Procession/The White Rider 09.10

04. Another Night 06.56
05. Chord Change 07.47

06. Watching The Bobbins 07.12
07. The Hour Candle 07.18
08. audience 01.38
09. Refugee 05.3610. Fingertips 06.12

Total time 67.00

CD 2

01. Slow Yourself Down 07.25
02. Eyes Of Ireland 04.14
03. Send Home The Slates 03.17
04. Rajaz 09.04

05. Sahara 07.28

06. Mother Road/Little Rivers and Little Rose/Hopeless Anger 12.36

07. Ice 09.16
08. Lady Fantasy 13.47
09. The Straits of Malacca (encore) 05.00

Total time 72.00

band personnel
Andy Latimer guitar, flute, vocals

Colin Bass bass, vocals
Guy LeBlanc keyboards, vocals

Denis Clement drums

Never sell, trade freely!
Uploaded by RaelEarl