nice audio recording
edirol r05 and sony ecm-717 mic-soundforge-flac.

the quiet parts are very good but the louder parts
somehow a little "messy"
so not my best recording but enjoyable....

very good/nice show.
they didnt come up for the second encore
but played almost 2 and a half hours anyway.
crossfaded the applause between encores
2nd set still doesnt fit on a cd....

01 The Great Marsh
02 Rhayader
03 Rhayader Goes to Town
04 Sanctuary
05 Fritha
06 The Snow Goose
07 Friendship
08 Migration
09 Rhayader Alone
10 Flight of the Snow Goose
11 Preparation
12 Dunkirk
13 Epitaph
14 Fritha Alone
15 La Princesse Perdue
16 The Great Marsh (reprise)

01 Never Let Go
02 Song Within a Song
03 Air Born
04 Echoes
05 The Hour Candle
06 Tell Me
07 Wait
08 Watching the Bobbins
09 Fox Hill
10 For Today

11 Lady Fantasy