Camel - Camel & Carnaval
De Lage Landenzaal, Muziekgebouw Frits Philips Eindhoven, The Netherlands, 2014-03-03

Zoom H4N (24bit/96kHz) with 1-SP-TFB-2 Sound Professional Low-Noise In-Ear Binaural Microphones --> Adobe Audition 3.0 (see editing notes) --> FLAC frontend 1.7.1 --> FLAC level 8

Editing notes:
Editing and mastering has been limited to amplifying the left channel by 1.5dB for balancing purposes and reducing the audience clapping by about 6dB to the maximum level of the music using an soft-sloped envelope, before normalizing to just under 0dB level. Decreasing the applaus to this lower level may impede the true recording nature of the concert, but makes the total concert more listenable at home while you can crank up the volume, without influencing the actual music. I did not want to use any compression to avoid losing any of the dynamics which is the beauty of a live concert. Nor did I want to use any equalization. What you hear is what we got! Finally conversion from 24/96 to 16/44.1. The last step was to trim the sets and split the tracks of the second set, after which FLAC-encoding was performed on the individual tracks.

Set 1: Music from The Snow Goose
01 The Great Marsh
02 Rhayader
03 Rhayader Goes to Town
04 Santuary
05 Fritha
06 The Snow Goose
07 Friendship
08 Migration
09 Rhayader Alone
10 Flight Of The Snow Goose
11 Preparation
12 Dunkirk
13 Epitaph
14 Fritha Alone
15 La Princesse Perdue
16 The Great Marsh (reprise)
Total duration: 48:21

Set 2:
01 Never Let Go
02 Song Within A Song
03 Echoes (Andrew has amp problems in the beginning)
04 The Hour Candle (dedicated to Guy LeBlanc)
05 Drafted
06 Watching The Bobbins
07 Fox Hill
08 For Today
09 Reprise: Lady Fantasy
Total duration: 1:22:40

Andrew Latimer � guitar, vocals, flute, recorder, keyboards, bass guitar
Colin Bass � bass guitar, vocals, keyboard, acoustic guitar
Ton Scherpenzeel (replacing Guy LeBlanc due to ill health) � keyboards, vocals
Denis Clement � drums, percussion, bass guitar
Jason Hart � keyboards, acoustic guitar, vocals

CD-buring notes:
To burn the 2 sets onto 2 CD's, I have proposed to burn set and and the first 2 tracks of set 2 onto CD 1, and the rest onto CD 2. Please feel free to do it otherwise if you like.

Recorder's notes:
I arrived early in Carnaval-celebrating Eindhoven and found myself surrounded by thousands of partying people dressed in the most outraged outfits before I could make my way to the Eindhoven Muziekgebouw Fritz Philips for the 2nd Camel concert in The Netherlands, after their Sunday gig in Amsterdam�s Paradiso. This Monday, March 3rd, 2014, Camel played in De Lage Landen Zaal, for an audience of about 1,000 fans. Despite the many warnings not to make photographs or recordings, I managed to smuggle my kit into the hall and found myself a �sweet spot� in the middle of row 7 (seat 30) and managed to get away with this recording.

The crowd was very quiet during the songs but compensated for this by a very enthusiastic applauding after each song, and the acoustics of De Lage Landen Zaal is pretty good. The sound was not overly loud and the sound-engineers had done an excellent job in finding a good sound balance in the PA-system, with two stacks each at the far side of the stage. So my recording ended up with a very decent impression of the actual sound of this concert.

About the concert� Camel played with Dutch keyboard player Ton Scherpenzeel, instead of Guy LeBlanc due to Guy�s ill health, and boy they played! Without a word the band came on stage and started with the Snow Goose suit, which was played without any comments all the way to the end. If they played this music already for the umpteenth time, none of the band-members showed any sign of fatigue and put their whole soul into the music. It was 45 minutes of Camel-magic.

The second set consisted of a selection of Camel songs, starting with a highlight (Never let Go) and ending with a highlight (Lady Fantasy), and in between Andrew, Colin, Ton and Denis brought every other track to another high level. Not that Jason did not contribute, but his role as second keyboard player seems more supportive, nevertheless indismissible. Andrew had some amplifier problems at the start of Echoes, which was adequately compensated by Ton and Colin repeating the chorus until an engineer had sorted out the issue and Andrew could continue: a concert without a glitch is just listening to a CD! The band seemed to enjoy themselves as much as the audience did and the second set took well over one and a quarter hour, with Ton�s lively keyboard playing in the reprise, Lady Fantasy, as a sound which will last for a long time. I was still whistling Lady Fantasy when I walked back through Eindhoven�s partying Carnaval crowd to my car, an unforgettable experience and a DVD (from the London concert in 2013) richer.

If you like this recording, please support the band who made this possible, by buying their albums and enjoy the sound of Camel.

This audience recording is for personal use only and please do not sell this - we are all fans and not business people! For personal use you may do whatever remastering/encoding you would like to do, but please do not re-distribute in any lossy format. If you do redistribute, please leave this info.txt file in the package.

March 3rd, 2014

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