The Town Hall
Birmingham, UK
10 March 2014
Multi source "matrix"
Recorded from the audience, first set only
Stereo mix for CD

Source 1: Sony Hi-MD MZ-RH10 (Hi-SP) with external Sony ECM-MS907 Mic (in 120deg) placed on balcony ledge (secured with 'blu-tack').
USB transfer to PC (WAV) - Soundforge 9.0 - TLH
Recorded by Relayerx9

Source 2: ZOOM H2 internal mics
Recorded by Paul44, 3rd row just right of centre

Source 3 : CA14 Cardioids > CA9200 > Edirol HR-09 (@24/96) > TLH
24 bit raw source kindly offered for this project by the taper, Boombox
Recorded from row C, ~10' back midway between House Left Stack and Centre Stage

Source 4 :
16 bit raw source kindly offered for this project by the taper, SR
Recorded from upstairs in the middle of the balcony

Sources > TLH > Sony Sound Forge 8.0 > DC6 > Guitar Tracks Pro 3.0 > Magix Audio Cleaning Lab > TLH

I want to sincerely thanks all the tapers of this wonderful concert, the chance to work on this new recording was a dream come true. Thank You !!
There was little to do with these source recordings, other than mix them down in a way that brought out a well rounded sound with ballanced channels.
The volume of the applause was lowered quite a bit. Some mic bumbs remain as well as some minor artifacts I introduced, since my audio work is far from perfect.

First set only, " The Snow Goose", tracks cut at the applause breaks, including:

The Great Marsh
Rhayader Goes to Town
The Snow Goose
Rhayader Alone
Flight Of The Snow Goose
Fritha Alone
La Princesse Perdue
The Great Marsh (reprise)

Andy Latimer - Guitar, flute, keyboard
Colin Bass - Bass, acoustic guitar
Denis Clement - Drums, bass
Ton Scherpenzeel - Keyboards
Jason Hart - Additional keyboards, acoustic guitar