May 28, 2014
Seattle, WA, USA
Easy Street Records

I'm not sure I'd ever heard these guys before, but I knew a Cracker song or two going in. I thought they were pretty good. It was nice hearing songs about California, since I spent 30 of my 35 years there and now I live in grim Washington. This isn't a bad place. Just... different.

The internet makes me think some of these are being played live for the first time here. Is that right?

Sound's pretty good. Samples below.

1. (intro)
2. Grasshopper
3. I Live in LA (with technical difficulties in the middle)
4. Darken Your Door
5. Pictures Of Matchstick Men (Status Quo)
6. Northern California Girls
7. Take The Skinheads Bowling
8. Summer Days

35 minutes, 27 seconds

Zoom H2-->WAV-->Audacity to raise volume and try to reduce bass-->CD Wave for track splitting-->you guys