Toronto, ON -- John Bassett Theatre
2006-02-05 -- 54:02 -- L3372

Highlights as broadcast on CBC-FM; I do not have the video version. Despite the promise,
Willie Nelson's song apparently was not broadcast. Sound is flawless but mono.

01. -show promo-
02. -intro: Andrew Craig-
03. Sweet City Woman
04. -talk: Andrew Craig-
05. Farewell to Nova Scotia
06. -talk: Andrew Craig-
07. S'Nice
08. -talk: Andrew Craig-
09. Powder Your Face with Sunshine
10. -talk: Andrew Craig-
11. Sugar, Sugar
12. -talk: Andrew Craig-
13. -talk: Jann Arden-
14. -talk: Anne Murray-
15. -talk: Andrew Craig-
16. Put Your Hand in the Hand
17. -talk: Andrew Craig-
18. Everybody Knows
19. -talk: Andrew Craig-
20. -talk: Adrienne Clarkson-
21. -talk: Leonard Cohen-
22. -talk: Andrew Craig-
23. Hallelujah
24: -outro and credits: Andrew Craig-

track 03: The Stampeders and guests
track 05: Jimmy Rankin
track 07: Louise Pitre
track 09: Sarah Slean
track 11: Bedouin Soundclash, Esthero, Andy Kim, La Junesse Choir
track 16: Jully Black with the Faith Chorale Choir
track 18: Rufus Wainwright
track 23: k.d. lang

FM- > DAT (32 kbps(lp), 16 bit)
Fostex D5 -> M-audio 2496 (digital port) -> CEP (trim, normalize, upsample) ->CD wave (track
split) -> Flac frontend (level 8, tested, SBE corrected) -> maketorrent 2.4 -> DIME on

Please pass on in a lossless format only.
Please do all possible to prevent the sale or auction of this recording. Exchange as even
trade or gift only.