Candy Dulfer and Funky Stuff
Paradiso, Amsterdam
April 6th 2012

External Mics > Zoom H2 (44.1kHz/24-bit) > Audition 3 > Flac > TLH

Sadly we arrived at the venue late due to being disorganised and parking in Amsterdam. So we missed the first few numbers, and this was recorded from right at the back of the venue. First show recorded with the Zoom H2 and overall reasonably happy with it. The full show is up on youtube, but I didn't want to mix in the first few numbers to this source. This is my first upload here so please be gentle if I've done something against the rules or otherwise stupid! :)

- Flame (only last minute or so)
- Hey Now
- Complic8ed Lives
- Please Don't Stop
- Crazy
- Good Music
- No End
- Life Of The Party
- Mary Jane
- Sax-A-Go-Go
- Pick Up The Pieces (encore)

Tracks performed but not in this source:

- Intro/Wobbie
- Harvest Of The World
- Electric Blue

Candy Dulfer - Saxophone, vocals
Ulco Bed - Guitar
Chance Howard - Keyboard, vocals
Jan van Duikeren - Trumpet
Oscar Kraal - Drums
Manuel Hugas - Bass
Ricardo Burgrust "Phatt" - Vocals
Arjen Mooijer - Keyboards
Printz Board - Vocals, trumpet, beatbox