Canned Heat
"Beat Club," ARD Studio
Bremen, Germany

German digital TV broadcast > VHS Hi-Fi > pc Nero wave editor > FLAC

September 14, 1968 -
01. On The Road Again

January 31, 1970 -
02. Let's Work Together

May 30, 1970 -
03. Future Blues

September 25, 1971 -
04. Big-City Woman
05. Long Way From L.A.


Enjoy! Support the artist and buy the officially-released items (to the best of my knowledge & as of this writing; asterisks denote BGE/Wolfgang’s Vault) -
1968-08-30 (“Bullfrog Blues,” “Pulling Hair Blues”)
1969-xx-xx (Kaleidoscope - Hollywood, CA)
1969-xx-xx (Playboy After Dark Show - “On The Road Again”)
1969-06-29 (“Bring It On Home”
1970-04-xx (Royal Albert Hall - London)
1970-05-30 (“Reefer Blues”)
1970-06-30 (“Human Condition”)
1970-09-10 (“Killing Floor,” “I Love My Baby,” “All Night Long,” “Future Blues,” “Holland Boogie”)
1970-xx-xx (Playboy After Dark Show - “My Time Ain’t Long”)
1970-xx-xx (Montreux - “London Blues,” “Future Blues,” “Breathe Easy”)
1970-xx-xx (Beat Club Show - “Move On Down The Road”)
1971-08-12 (“Let’s Work Together,” “Hill’s Stomp,” “That’s All Right,” “Going Up The Country,” “Long Way From L.A.,” “pay My Rent Boogie,” “Big City,” “Utah”)
1971-12-08 (“Long Way From LA, “Going Up The Country,” “Let’s Work Together,” “Shaken Boogie”)
1972-02-22 ("On The Road Again," “Chicago Bound,” "I Need Someone," "I Feel So Bad," "Sneakin' Round," "I Feel So Lonely Blues," "Framed," "Hill Stomp," "That's Alright," "Let's Work Together," "Long Way From L.A.," "Rockin' With The King," "Shakin' Boogie")
1973-08-01 (“Harley-Davidson Blues,” “Good Bye For Now,” “Sore Back Blues”)
1974-03-08 (“On The Road Again,” “One More River To Cross,” “You Am What You Am,” “I Need Someone,” “L.A. Town,” “Night Time Is The Right Time,” “Shake, Rattle & Roll,” “Black Night,” Dutch Boogie”)
1987-10-xx (Kassel, DEU)
1994-03-31 (“Red-Headed Woman,” “24 Hours,” “Turpentine Moan,” “Kid Man Blues,” “Oh Baby”)
1994-04-18 (“JJ Jump”)
1994-04-03 (“Sunnyland”)
*1996-01-06 (early show)
1996-02-12 (“Mambo Tango,” “Quiet Woman,” “Creole Queen,” “A Little Time With Me”)