Canned Heat
Family Dog
San Francisco, CA
December 12-14, 1969
VG audience recording

Lineage: audience master > wav > flac

Mastering: None except indexing of tracks.

Track listing:

Disc 1 (49:45)

1. That's All Right Mama / If I Get Lucky 7:17
2. You Don't Have to Go 5:51
3. My Time Ain't Long [start cut] 2:16
4. Sugar Mama 7:28
5. Shake It and Break It 2:40
6. I'm Her Man 8:46
7. Rock Me Baby 3:07
8. Future Blues [end cut] 3:33
9. Leavin' This Town 7:34

The above timings are song timings, not CD track timings.

Bob Hite - vocals
Harvey Mandel - lead guitar
Alan Wilson - guitar, harmonica, vocals
Larry Taylor - bass
Fito de la Parra - drums

The first track seems to be a medley of Arthur Crudup songs, i'm not sure what title
Canned Heat used for it, perhaps just "That's All Right Mama."

Some years ago i received a box of master reels to transfer, all recorded in the S.F.
area in 1969 and 1970, and including a variety of artists. I think most of these are
in circulation, how widely i don't know. They were all recorded by the same taper,
and these were the original reels.

Tape details:
This recording is on the same tape as a recording by the Rhythm Dukes. The first
Canned Heat track is at the end of the Rhythm Dukes side, and the rest is on the other
side (minus the last track). That last song is on a different tape, but the sound
of the audio is the same and i'd guess that the taper just went to another tape
to conclude the recording.

Please see the notes on the Rhythm Dukes torrent for more details on dating:

The supposition is that both that recording and this one come from the same venue,
probably the Family Dog at the Great Highway. The likely dates are either
January-February 1970, or later in 1970 (late June or after). Al Wilson (who is on
this recording) passed away at the beginning of September 1970, so (again assuming
the two recordings were from the same date) the latter window of possible dates
becomes circa June-August 1970.

This recording seems to be in circulation, so it may not be anything new to most CH fans.
It appears to be listed on the Chrome Oxide CH page, but incorrectly dated as July 1969:

The track listing is the same, although omitting the first track. Since the
"Future Blues" LP was recorded later, the July 1969 date seems unlikely.

Any other information anyone can come up with on the recording would be greatly