OK, I'm getting away from the Johnny Winter uploads for now, & I'm gonna do a reseed.
Some of you may remember this offer from DocTinker back in Nov. 2005. These tracks are a combination of some from my collection & some from Doc's collection.
The majority of what's below is from Doc's original info file. I rearranged a little & added checksum files. These are the exact same flac files.
.... ENJOY!!!

CANNED HEAT: 60s Live & Studio Acetates plus More

Hey Friends, here's some very rare stuff from the Canned Heat, which Roryglzep sent to me for transfer & upload! Many thanks for sending this uncirculating material to me and sharing with us!

This torrent consists of various Canned Heat rarities which I arranged to give you a listenable Canned Heat compilation CD!
The soundquality varies, from great to B+ quality!
The acetates here, are including mostly unreleased songs, and I even never heard stuff like this was existing....
Unfortunately the Acetates are not really great quality and some have skips, but they are still very listenable! .... MP3 sample below!
Together with the other rarities I included, you are able to download a nice CANNED HEAT Rarities Compilation here!!

16 tracks = 64:33 minutes

Playboy after Dark TV show 10/68:
01 Bob Hite Interview by Hugh Hefner
02 Turpentine Moan (fades in)

Playboy after Dark TV show 3/70
03 Future Blues

Beat Club 71 (intros by Uschi Nerke)
04 Long way from LA
05 Big City Girl
06 I'm a Man (sbd or FM, live Amsterdam 71)

Studio Acetates:
07 World in a Jug (unreleased Version w/Sunnyland Slim Piano, 9/18/67)
08 Red Hot Mama (unreleased Studio Acetate 1968)

Live Acetates: rec.1968?
O9 Pony Blues
10 Working on the Project (cuts in beginning)
11 Turn your Lights down low(fades in)
12 Let's work together (London, RAH, 1970, skips in Beginning)

Jug Band Acetates: voc. & guitar; Alan, The "Bear": Jug Band stuff
(60's Homerecordings, directly on Acetate, Skips!))
13 Shake it and Break it
14 One Kind Favor
15 ? (Country Blues)
16 Interview w/Alan, about the history of "Pony Blues" for a student project 1968

Tracks 1-2, 7-11:
Bob " The Bear" Hite: voc, harp
Alan Wilson: g, voc,harp
Henry Vestine: g,
Fito de la Parra: drums
Larry Taylor: bass

Tracks 3 & 12:
Harvey Mandel replaces Henry Vestine

Beat Club 71:
Bob "The Bear" Hite: voc, harp
Fito de la Parra: drums
Adolfo de la Barreda: bass
Joel Scott Hill: voc, g
Skip Taylor ?: piano
Henry Vestine joined Canned Heat later on this tour, because he lost his passport in the US, before the flew to Europe.

Track 4: Same as above, plus Henry Vestine, less Skip Taylor

Lineage: Unknown Gen Cass> Nak ZX7> PDR05> EAC> Cool Edit pro> Flac
Beat Club tracks from my Masters!

Enjoy this incredible rare piece of Canned Heat History!!

Track01-H.Hefner Interv..flac:5f27d2b062d90298013c497686396891
Track02-Turpentine (0).Playboy.p.flac:fd9c8c1c08db7951016262fd485bb403
Track03-Future Blues Playboy.p-cut.flac:0fd74f16985b7f44e525cb7f4c1d91d6
Track04-Long way-cut (0).Playboy.p.flac:eecb236c3fdd9723debf4a35e50471aa
Track05-Big City-cut (0).Playboy.p.flac:b80ec4c7787cacbd648d0b18d3771264
Track06Amsterdam 72-+2db.flac:2831746ac17b615250a3a6693d9df599
Track07-C H Studio_- 1Ch org-World- in a JugEQ.flac:da4b6d574ed067ea84b87c76f839a966
Track08-C H-1 CH-Eq high-Red Hot Mama.flac:7499721fb74965e3b640ae8bc80fd057
Track09-C H live-Pony Blues 1ch pitch-Eq.flac:7b89750035e023e1514567cd9c45f442
Track10-C H live-1 ch-oitched-EQ-cutWorking on the Projekt.flac:d8256e55f361af4d63f4c1b86297783e
Track11-C H live-r CH Eq pitched +1.6Turn your Lights down low.flac:b111506f110afe6902fadb0bafaf74ee
Track12-CH live-1 ch-EQ-Lets work.flac:d903b58ba03f440e558e8e9ce867d180
Track13-C H Studio-Shake it and Break it End.flac:bbaa21638d87125578059d032c858cac
Track14-One kind favor end.flac:2ba32bd3e0a4983432b43492449bd3f4
Track15-C H Studio-! cH EQ Acc Ac 3.flac:2f6fb6cbf5356c5f445bbc37be358a66
Track16-Alan Interview 1968.flac:ba1090318fb2f5c23cce793bc8254058

e85b5a3b184fc11fbf515e9a7779feef *Track01-H.Hefner Interv..flac
8fb77cbdec885f28363b1fc4ae9d7043 *Track02-Turpentine (0).Playboy.p.flac
6be652671af4df7c604422aa419bbb4e *Track03-Future Blues Playboy.p-cut.flac
ba9aec7593d4e42b22e52d1b422131d5 *Track04-Long way-cut (0).Playboy.p.flac
1f45a7d81736f4c4ab2e50680a5da275 *Track05-Big City-cut (0).Playboy.p.flac
201f6754b7a3c1a2220aca30edf3550c *Track06Amsterdam 72-+2db.flac
d44ea19ca7655738764a82083ebaf5b6 *Track07-C H Studio_- 1Ch org-World- in a JugEQ.flac
03e58bf925eb22b49a7f612bf1b1d4be *Track08-C H-1 CH-Eq high-Red Hot Mama.flac
9dc2efad350ef38185fa452082a79c6f *Track09-C H live-Pony Blues 1ch pitch-Eq.flac
0cce13b25fbb5fe533542d221c19d50a *Track10-C H live-1 ch-oitched-EQ-cutWorking on the Projekt.flac
ffbece1ab0eab436f01e3de2f7d30657 *Track11-C H live-r CH Eq pitched +1.6Turn your Lights down low.flac
2400461c0b5b110d38e5e533b534439f *Track12-CH live-1 ch-EQ-Lets work.flac
24e99f2bf188d4da753b5650349aced0 *Track13-C H Studio-Shake it and Break it End.flac
1a8e7d14035d471bcf6702f7847b588c *Track14-One kind favor end.flac
3ed58774f897104e84c2063aa917bf1c *Track15-C H Studio-! cH EQ Acc Ac 3.flac
ad60dd2c9e902500a7feea593af81729 *Track16-Alan Interview 1968.flac