CANNED HEAT: Bournemouth, UK, Wintergardens 1/24/70 Nice Aud.

Hey Friends, Iīm very lucky tonight, to bring you a rare show from the Canned Heat!
Many thanks to Roryglzep for sending me his original cassette with this great performance!

For those of us who donīt expect much news from this field,
hereīs a show were they played a boogie version, based on the Little Walther song, "MY Babe!"
The playing here is really great, and after some mixing problems in the first song,
you are able to listen to a great classic Canned Heat performance!
Mp 3 sample below!

01 Bring it on Home
02 Thats Allright
03 My Time ainīt long
04 My Babe(Boogie Version)pt.1
05 My Babe(Boogie Version)pt.2
06 Future Blues
07 London Blues
08 Letīs work together
09 Good Bye for now
Time: ca. 70 mins

Line up Notes:
Bob " The Bear" Hite: voc, harp
Alan Wilson: g, voc, harp
Larry Taylor: b
Fito de la Parra: dr
Harvey Mandel: g

Lineage: Unknown Gen Cass-PDR05-EAC-Cool Edit pro-Flac
Nice Audience Quality!

Enjoy this great piece of CANNED HEAT history!