Canned Heat: Festival "Superconcert" Deutschlandhalle, Berlin 9/4/70

Ok, for everybody who´s interested, here´s the Canned Heat Concert
from the day after Alan Wilson´s tragic death!

Not really a great show in terms of music...... ,
but they sure did what they could, without one of their most important members.....

Lineage: Master-Cassette-PDR05-EAC-SHN
Quality:B/B+ a little high sounding,no hiss, no speed probs etc, still listenable..
1 These lonely, lonely Nights
2 Last Night (Walter Jacobs)
3 Back out on the Road
4 Future Blues (cut inside)
5 The Boogie pt.1
6 The Boogie pt.2

Bob " The Bear" Hite: voc, harp
Henry Vestine: guit.
Fito de la Parra: drums
Adolfo de la Parra: bass
Enjoy this tragic piece of histoy!