Original Text:

canned heat
paris (F) l'olympia

aud recording by BULLE75
audience tape recorded with now unknown equipment
using an AGFA SM super-ferro-dynamic 90+6 cassette

transfer: master cassette played back on-nak cr7e- azimuth corrected--> edirol09-->
HD-- cd wave--nero smoothing-- flac(8)

73 min

00 intro
01 on the road again
02 rock and roll music
03 amphetamine annie
05 bullfrog blues
06 going up the country
07 the house of blue lights
08 sweet sixteen
09 get back (beatles cover)
10 papa house? stomp (instrumental)
11 let's work together (spliced @ cass flip ~3.50)
12 refried boogie
13 - encore - rockin with the kid

for an aud-recording from 76 it sounds not too bad.
i see it listed at db.etree.org but i guess this is the first digital transfer from the master
for DocTinker

all thanks to BULLE 75 for the master tape

transferred and uploaded to dime by hanwaker in march 2008

Notes for the ressed:
1. Tracks by number, for my use.
2. New .md5
3. Thank you so much for the upload.
4. And my apologies for the changes.