Frankfurt, Sinkkasten,
Sept. 8th, 1987

--- Excellent 1st Gen. Audience---Great Show!!

Friends, Dime really seems to be the right forum for the Canned Heat community!
Some great people really enjoyed the Canned Heat Offenbach 1970 tape I posted lately...
Hereīs the best 80īs show I found so far!

NOT the usual boring revival show,
but really a hot up tempo Blues show,
where James Thornberry plays such a great harp that this really is a nice addition to the original Canned Heat stuff!
Sure Fito, Henry & Larry were in top form this night to boogie!
The soundquality is exellent for a pre-Dat-times recording!
MP 3 sample below!

02 Yonders Wall
03 Bullfrog Blues
04 On the Road again
05 You Don't Know Me
06 I ainīt got you
07 Letīs work together
08 Rollinī& Tumblinī
09 I love to RocknīRoll
10 Ridinīin the Moonlight
11 Going up the Country
12 The Boogie/
Let the Good Times roll
13 Just a red headed Woman is allright with me
14 Crazy bout the Mercury
15 From now on....


Fito de la Parra: drums
Larry Taylor: bass, g, slide g.
Henry Vestine: g, b
James "T" Thornberry: voc, harp,g ,

Lineage: 1st Gen. Cass-Dragon-PDR05-EAC-Flac
Uploaded to Dime & remastered by Doc Tinker on March 5st., 2006!

Enjoy this great piece of Canned Heat History!!