Cahors Blues Festival, Place Bessières, Cahors, France

Audience Master

Lineage: Aiwa CM-DS6 (Mic) > Sony NetMD MZ-NF810 > Audacity > Wave > Flac (level 8)
Taper: Kristof31

(Total 1:19:39) :

01-Bullfrog Blues (4:27)
02-Stranger (5:59)
03-On the Road Again (5:49)
04-One Kind Favor (6:53)
05-Till the Money Runs Out (5:49)
06-So Sad (9:28)
07-Going Up the Country (5:22)
08-I'm Her Man (6:06)
09-Creole Queen (5:16)
10-Let's Work Together (6:38)

First Encore
11-Boogie (12:48)

Second Encore
12-Peter's Gunn Theme (5:04)


Robert Lucas : Vocals, Slide guitar, harmonica
Fito de la Parra : Drums, vocals
Barry Levenson : Lead guitar
Greg Kage : Bass, vocals

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e228eb886c13ccba93ba01c0b54eb519 *Canned Heat-2006-07-19-Cahors-t08.flac
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