Canned Heat.....Mount Baker Blues Festival....Deming, WA....August 2nd 2008
Canned Heat
Mount Baker Blues Fest
Deming, WA
August 2nd 2008

Taper: fubb
Lineage: 4 channel SBD/AUD Matrix via Edirol R-4 (24bit/44.1) channel's 3 & 4 Oade Bros. Concert Mod>HD>Adobe Audition
SBD>XLR>Edirol R-4 ch. 1 & 2
SP C4's (Cardiod Mics)>Edirol R-4 ch 3 & 4

Audience source recorded Aprox 85ft front center from stage, 7 ft high.

Multiracked via Adobe Audition, cue split via Goldwave

It just so happened that i was in Deming (located 2 hrs north of Seattle, just east of Bellingham, WA) recording Randy Hansen at another
festival, well sheet, why not record Canned Heat, i had about an hour between show's, so i called Barry Levenson (an acquaintance) who had just landed in
Seattle, and he said it was cool to tape.

Mount Baker Blues Festival is one of the best blues festivals in Washington, Lloyd Peterson the organiser books top name artists each year, and
promotes the event as a "relaxed" festival by limiting the ticket sales, and it was a nice festival from what i enjoyed, friendly folks just enjoying
good music behind the Deming Log grounds. See for info.

Please enjoy this's a good one!.......please don't gain from my efforts, share freely.

Thanks go to Canned Heat and the event staff for letting me record.

Robert Lucas: Vocals, Slide guitar, harmonica
Fito de la Parra: Drums, vocals
Barry Levenson: Lead guitar
Greg Kage: Bass, vocals

Disc One:
1. Intro.
2. Bullfrog Blues
3. Stranger
4. On The Road Again
5. Until The Money Runs Out
6. One Kind Favor
7. Those Lonely, Lonely Nights
8. Goin' Up The Country
9. So Sad (The World's in a Tangle)
10. Creole Queen

Disc Two:
1. Amphetamine Annie Intro.
2. Amphetamine Annie
3. Dust My Broom
4. Let's Work Together
5. Boogie
6. Mercury Blues